KS Services Group boasts productivity with Zebra Technologies

2 julio, 2018

Zebra’s TC55 touch mobile computers assist in speeding up customer order fulfillment

Zebra - KS ServicesZebra Technologies Corporation has announced that KS Services Group has equipped its teams with TC55 touch mobile computers and Warehouse Management System (WMS) software developed by Zebra’s partner, JustLogsIT. The deployment boosts the company’s productivity by saving time when fulfilling orders and ultimately improving its customer service.

Founded in 1991, KS Services Group specializes in logistics services with over 500 employees and operations in more than 100 third-party sites in France. Working within its customers’ and its own warehouses, KS Services must meet wide-ranging, specific requirements including ‘Just in time’ management, customer orders and multiple-order preparation. KS Services needed to replace its former WMS used at its logistics site in Les Ulis, selecting JustLogsIT to create a new platform to precisely meet its unique requirements.

JustLogsIT’s logistics software and TC55 touch mobile computers were deployed in less than one month, offering a seamless transition for KS Services. Staff could integrate the easy-to-use TC55s in just two days. The new solution has the ability to process operations at ultra-high speeds and has assisted in boosting productivity. KS Services, which processes several hundred orders a day, has already saved approximately 30 seconds per order prepared.

KS Services teams are using the TC55 touch mobile computers at every stage in its operations, including scanning barcodes to track products throughout their warehouse transit process from the time the products or pallets are received to the fulfillment of orders and loading the goods for transport.

With its robust system now in place, KS Services plans to progressively deploy it at other sites to contribute to the Group’s operational efficiencies and ultimate growth.

Morgan Kernevez, Regional Logistics Director for Ile de France, KS Services quotes “We are particularly demanding when it comes to the quality of our service, both on our own sites and on those of our customers. Our group solution now consists of the new WMS system, integrating the JustLogsIT software and the TC55 computers by Zebra. We are offering this new solution to our current and potential customers and are confident that this approach will push their decisive performance edge within their respective markets.

Jaime Faria, Channel France Director, Zebra Technologies said “Thanks to this new solution, KS Services teams benefit from real-time data, which provides the basis for informed decisions and can reduce the time required to prepare orders while boosting productivity.

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