Sysdev Mobile announces a new Kalipso Studio partnership to cover the Brazilian technological market

2 noviembre, 2017

Sysdev plans to expand its number of Kalipso users not only in Europe where it has a consolidated base of customers, but also to reach new regions such as South America

Sysdev Mobile - Kalips Studio - BrazilSysdev Mobile announced that a new partnership for Kalipso Studio was signed with Rede Kalipso (Brazilian company created to sell the designated product). There is a clear target defined by Sysdev for Kalipso Studio – to reach new market niches across the world by establishing local partnerships that easily get in touch with potential customers from a certain country or region.

Kalipso Studio is a mobile application generator which shares presence in the technological market since 2007. With a very easy and intuitive interface, Kalipso enables both non-technical and technical professionals to build, test, distribute, manage and update mobile apps far more rapidly than a development company. On its fourth version, it is a work-basis tool for users around 70 different countries. The apps developed in Kalipso Studio reach, certainly, much more than 70 different countries.

Brazil is one of the emergent economies from South America and reveals a technological mobile market expanding every day. Growing economies demand mobile solutions to answer their problems – from logistics to transportation, internal and external solutions are needed to collect show and interact with data, as well as people and business.

Bruno, the external coordinator for the Brazilian partnership, clearly understood Kalipso’s potential. “My purpose is to be able to share this fantastic tool with those who need to develop their own solutions in an easier and faster way. There are a lot of people who think that they need to depend on someone, but they clearly did not try Kalipso Studio yet. We are here to change it.” Arsénio Gil, CEO from Sydev, says that “Sysdev hopes for the future new users of Kalipso Studio to be able to take the maximum advantage of the platform and, by therefore, speed up their businesses”, promising more news about Kalipso Studio soon.

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