SATO Launches Best-in-Class WS4 Compact Desktop Label Printer

18 enero, 2017

Easy to use design and lower cost of ownership

SATO - WS4SATO launched the WS4 compact desktop label printer line worldwide today. The WS4 is designed for applications in retail, healthcare, logistics and manufacturing workplaces.

The all-in-one WS4 was developed jointly with Argox, a SATO Group manufacturer of entry level compact printers for emerging and industrial markets. Combining this expertise with SATO’s software and interface know-how, the WS4 delivers affordability with best-in-class performance for a compact printer that integrates smoothly into existing worksites.

Flexible media capability lowers overall cost of ownership by accommodating large capacity ribbons (*1) to reduce running costs up to 20 percent (*2). High speed throughput makes the WS4 an optimal label printer for mid-volume printing needs.

Ease of use and sleek simplicity are core elements of the WS4 design. With fewer parts, ribbon and label loading is easy thanks to a clear label path to prevent jamming. Flexible media capability support for widely used label and ribbon core sizes and ensures adaptability into existing workplaces. Users can easily replace platen rollers and print heads with tool-less operation (*3). A three-color LED lamp also helps operators easily know their printer status at a glance with unique blink patterns.

Best-in-class connectivity was also established with wired and wireless interface options for computers and smart devices (*4). Out-of-the-box emulation for widely used programming languages provides smooth integration into existing software environments.

  • Best-in-class versatility with support for 1” and 1.5” label cores and 1” and 0.5” ribbon cores
  • Best-in-class performance with max. print speed of 6 ips
  • Best-in-class connectivity with RS-232C serial port, LAN port, Type A and B USB, WLAN and Bluetooth


The WS4 fills out our robust printer lineup. This all-in-one printer provides an attractive option for customers seeking to balance affordability and performance,” said SATO Holdings CPO Noriyasu Yamada.

The WS4 is planned for rollout in the Americas, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Asia and Oceania.

  1. 300 meter ribbon. For TT model only
  2. Cost savings for 300 m ribbons vs. 100 m ribbons
  3. DT model features tool-less operations. The TT model requires only simple tools or a coin.
  4. Optional feature

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