Microscan Announces New Integrated Label Inspection System for Printronix T8000 TT Printers

3 octubre, 2016

Microscan - Label Inspection System for PrintronixMicroscan announces that it has released a model of its LVS-7510 Print Quality Inspection System as a fully-integrated solution within Printronix® brand thermal label printers, the Printronix T8304 and Printronix T8308.

With the acquisition of leading label inspection systems manufacturer Label Vision Systems (LVS) in August 2015, Microscan now offers the complete line of LVS® precision machine vision solutions for label quality inspection, barcode verification, monitoring, and analysis. LVS Print Quality Inspection Systems from Microscan feature comprehensive machine vision tools for evaluating the accuracy of all aspects of a label, including barcode reading to capture and validate encoded data, barcode verification to ensure compliance with ISO/IEC barcode quality standards for data legibility, optical character recognition (OCR) for text validation, optical character verification (OCV) for text quality, and variable data analysis for validating sequential data, such as serial numbers. These LVS systems are all-in-one hardware/software solutions that ensure the accuracy of label data for internal process control and documentation, as well as the legibility and compliance of data against global standards like those put forth by ISO, GS1, and more.

The LVS-7510 Print Quality Inspection System is designed to seamlessly integrate LVS machine vision components into the print head of the most popular brands of thermal transfer printers, enabling Microscan to offer the only fully-integrated and real-time print and inspection solutions for thermal printed labels. The LVS components provide a 5.4 inch (137 mm) or 8.5 inch (216 mm) read head for scanning label widths from 4.1 inch (104 mm) to 8.5 inch (216 mmm), as well as a stop motion unit, print control unit, and light tower for triggering alerts or printer actions when label errors are detected. If a label error occurs, the LVS-7510 can signal a stack light alert, cease printing, or control the printer to rewind and mark out the bad label to ensure it is not used. The printer can then reprint a new label for another inspection. The system guarantees that all print jobs are executed in sequence to avoid mislabeling, and with each label inspected directly at the print head, errors are caught immediately to limit waste and ensure the ultimate cost- and materials-efficiency in printing.

Now available as a fully-integrated solution within Printronix T8304 and T8308 thermal transfer printers, the LVS-7510 Print Quality Inspection System paired with the Printronix printer is sold by Microscan as a comprehensive automated label print and inspection solution. The system can verify any combination of linear, 2D, or stacked codes to ISO/IEC 15415 or 15416 quality standards, including any orientation or number of codes on a single label. In the LVS-7510 software, barcode quality is plainly displayed as a number or letter grade and is color-coded for quality level, while other label errors (such as improper data or label blemishes) are shown in a toggle window that emphasize the differences between a stored “master” label and the production label that is printed. Number validation allows the system to verify the expected order of any numerical data series, detect duplicates and sequence errors, and match variable numerical strings with externally-programmed data, ensuring accurate serialization. For manufacturers choosing to utilize the latest Printronix thermal printers in their higher-volume inline labeling operations, the all-in-one system featuring LVS-7510 can ensure all labeled products are 100% traceable and compliant with customer requirements and expectations, eliminating fines and disputes, reducing rework, controlling waste, and allowing manufacturers to avoid liability.

The LVS-7510 Print Quality Inspection System is available and sold as a solution with a range of thermal printer brands, including Printronix and Zebra®.

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