Kevingston reduces inventory management costs and simplifies processes with Zebra

5 junio, 2018

Zebra RFID technology helps retailers increase operational efficiency, reduce operating costs and improve shopper experience

Zebra - Kevingston HouseZebra Technologies Corporation and Telectronica, a Zebra PartnerConnect Premier Solution Partner, has announced that Kevingston, an Argentinian retailer, selected a Zebra RFID solution to help improve customer service and operational efficiency.

Kevingston’s solution combines Telectronica’s Smart Retail software with Zebra RFID readers, antennas, printers, mobile computers and sleds. This innovative approach helps optimize processes – from the manufacture of clothing to the point of sale (POS) in stores – to enhance the flow of inventory leading to increased accuracy and better service. The solution makes it easy to receive containers and reduces the time merchandise spends in backroom inventory from hours to minutes. By dramatically reducing the time spent on inbound and outbound packing processes, Kevingston associates can spend more time serving shoppers and improving the overall customer experience.

By cutting the time required to count inventory at the warehouse and in stores, Kevingston now conducts stock audits in stores every week, ensuring inventory accuracy and making it easier for customers to find products on display.

Roberto Blázquez, General Manager, Kevingston said “We used to check inventory with 15 people counting clothing piece by piece over several days. With the Zebra-Telectronica Smart Retail solution, we can now read between 100 and 150 clothing units in 20 seconds and have two people complete a full inventory count within eight hours.”

Kevingston is also using the RFID solution to give their customers a better shopping experience by reducing checkout times and providing a more engaging customer-facing technology. Using Zebra RFID technology and smart screens known as Magic Mirrors,

Kevingston’s shoppers can choose different clothing, sizes or colors available in store, and ask for them without leaving the dressing room. Shoppers can also receive customized offers by providing personal information, helping improve Kevingston’s marketing and sales efforts.

Juan Manuel Ramos, Operations Manager, Kevingston “The implementation of this project allowed us to manage inventory quicker and with less effort, letting us move more people onto the sales floor to help customers. The Zebra RFID solution improved our inventory management processes so customers can now more easily find products in the store, increasing satisfaction and sales.”

The Zebra-Telectronica solution includes RFID antennas at the POS to help Kevingston significantly reduce checkout times, minimize errors and streamline the invoicing and purchasing process which has been essential on busy days.

Alan Gidekel, CEO, Telectronica quotes “Kevingston understood how technology and innovation can impact the shopping experience and are benefiting from the results across their supply chain.

Alejandro Prosperi, Sales Director SOLA Region, Zebra Technologies Zebra’s innovative retail and warehouse solutions provide retailers like Kevingston with visibility and actionable insight into their customers, inventory, and other valued assets from the point of manufacture to the point of sale, helping improve associate productivity and enhance the shopping experience.

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