izzbie ONE, Your Smart Private, Secure Net On-theGo

15 mayo, 2018

The New Plug and Play VPN That’s Making Life Easier for Remote Workers

izzbie ONEThe izzbie ONE allows users a user-friendly, reliable remote VPN access to their home or office network.  The product is beneficial to people who travel a lot and would work from anywhere, such as photographers, graphic designers, programmers, businessmen or women, and people who work or study aboard.
“You can also invite friends, family, and business partners to share your network. izzbie ONE creates a direct connection that is much more private, stable, and faster compared with cloud-based VPN services, ” says Alan Hui, izzbie Co-Founder.

All your online activities are protected with encryption without going through any 3rd party providers and allow you to access geo-restricted contents. Therefore, users will enjoy the safest online experiences with complete privacy.

View the explainer video here

Enjoy Easier Access to Geo-Restricted Activities
VPN users who travel face an additional issue; many websites and internet-based services restrict access or present different contents or services in other geographic regions. And in some countries, sites such as Google, YouTube, and Facebook are merely blocked.

If you visit China, for example, don’t expect to share your adventures with your friends via social media, even if you use a VPN service. And if you’re traveling on business, VPN blockers can seriously impede your work by making it impossible to access email or conduct business online the way you’re accustomed to doing.

Even your favorite shopping site might display different content than it does at home. Well, maybe you want to forget all of that and just chill with a good movie. Don’t count on that, either; you might not be able to access your favorite paid video streaming service.

With an izzbie ONE connecting to your home or office network, however, this scenario changes significantly. It allows you to stay within your private home network while traveling, even overseas. You can enjoy the same online experience that you would have if you never left home.

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