TSC Launches New Mobile Printer TDM Series

24 septiembre, 2019

Get Your Receipts Anywhere

TSC - TDM SeriesTSC’s new mobile barcode printer line, the TDM Series, is intelligently designed for on-the-go printing. Mobile printing is an excellent solution for any business that needs to print on demand. The TDM Series is equipped to operate across different platforms with multiple connectivity options. Its lightweight, durable and flexible design, coupled with ease of operation without sacrifice of functionality is especially critical for retail and mobile point-of-sale (MPOS) applications.

The TDM Series has a wealth of tools that guarantees easy integration into your MPOS system: Bluetooth is MFi certified and can be connected with an NFC tag; ESC/POS language is supported and has an OPOS driver for POS systems; a smartphone application for both Android and iOS is available for browser-based applications; and Software Development Kits (SDKs) and printer languages are available for all your other software integration needs.

The TDM Series’ rugged palm size design has passed extensive testing for long-lasting performance. And its real-time printer health status provides two important functions:

  1. The self-diagnostic TPH Care Mechanism ensures stable, high-quality printouts every time
  2. The TDM-30 Battery Management solution effectively monitors the charging status to maximize battery capacity. With ample battery capacity, workers can use the printers for an entire shift without downtime.

Certified Rugged Palm Size Design
The TDM Series has passed extensive testing – IP rating, drop and tumble tests to maximize its functionality in harsh environments. With an optional protective case, TDM Series printers are rated IP54 against dust and water in daily tasks. By simulating real-world workplaces for on-the-go mobile workers, the TDM Series has been certified with a 2.5 m drop test using its protective case, MIL-STD-810G standard drop test and a 1 m tumble test.

The TDM-30 smart battery option lets you monitor your fleet of batteries for both charge level and number of charge cycles using the Battery Management System found in the TSC Printer Management Utility. This allows you to understand the battery status while in operation and to determine when batteries are aging and need to be replaced. The result is having the right number of batteries with the right charge capacity to keep operations running smoothly.

Self-Diagnostic TPH Care Mechanism
The TDM Series is equipped with a self-diagnostic TPH Care Mechanism, which includes an early warning function. By scanning and detecting any bad dots during the printing process, the TPH Care Mechanism proactively conducts a real-time TPH (Thermal Printhead) health check, maximizing printout quality and worker productivity while minimizing consumable waste.

Integrated Software Pack – OPOS/SDKs
The TDM Series not only supports OPOS, but also provides mainstream platform driver support for Windows, Android, iOS and WinCE/Mobile. Having the OPOS/SDKs software pack integrated into the TDM Series mobile printer allows users to easily use the library, saving programming time and increasing staff productivity. After integration, the customized software can be leveraged, tailored and optimized between POS terminals and printers for port communications, connections and transferring of print commands.

Superior TSC Mobile Utility
The TSC Mobile Utility enables mobile configuration and web printing via iOS and Android APP. It can be installed onto handheld devices to change remote printer settings and directly print from browser-based applications. This tool allows users with effortless access to website content and printing solutions through TSC printers via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connections. To increase worker productivity, remote mobile configurations allow for real-time printer setting adjustments, status check and troubleshooting anywhere.

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