SMI Sets Scientific Standard With Eye Tracking Glasses at 120 Hz

10 febrero, 2016

Latest upgrade package inspired by leaders in psychology, neurosciences, virtual reality and gaze and motion capture.

SMI - Eye Tracking GlassesLeading academics have welcomed the upgrade package for eye tracking glasses from SensoMotoric Instruments (SMI) which operates at an industry best 120 Hz sampling rate across the entire trackable field of view.

SMI’s eye tracking glasses are proven with more than 100,000 participants in leading universities around the world. First launched in 2011, the eye tracking glasses technology builds on more than two decades of eye tracking experience by SMI.

The key features of the new package are:

  • Native binocular 120 Hz eye tracking over the whole trackable field of view. The main benefit is enhanced eye tracking raw data wherever the wearer of the glasses is looking.
  • More precise event detection. The higher temporal resolution of the data samples helps to better distinguish events such as very short fixations.
  • Low latency network time synchronization. For millisecond precise data synchronization with EEG, motion tracking, virtual reality, and other data streams.


The upgrade package has been welcomed by leading academics including Prof. Dr. Thierry Baccino of France’s Lutin User Lab, who said SMI glasses have been the “best solution” for his applied studies in real-life situations.

We highly welcome a 120 Hz mode as we expect it to deliver even more precision for saccades detection,” he said.

Jun Wu of China’s Jiangsu University of Science and Technology said “the 120 Hz ETG offers an outstanding advantage especially for my work with high-speed driving applications in the industrial engineering field“.

The better synchronization with other data streams was an aspect welcomed by Dr Thies Pfeiffer of CITEC at the University of Bielefeld, Germany, who works with motion tracking systems such as VICON and OptiTrack.

SMI’s release has the potential to significantly advance our research on gaze-based assistance systems. We expect a more precise differentiation of viewing time as 120Hz promises a better temporal fit and low latency synchronization with our motion tracking systems,” he said.

SMI Product Manager Dr Arnd Rose said he was pleased the reception the upgrade package is set to receive within the scientific market.

We identified the need for this product based on our long-term relationships with leading academic researchers and, in meeting that need, our team has set a new scientific standard,” he said.

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