Imagine and NUVIZ join forces to build a new IoT platform

1 diciembre, 2017

NUVIZ: award-winning Head-Up Display technology company that has developed the first fully integrated Head-Up Display for Motorcycle Riders.

Imagine IM: Vertically integrated Graphene Applications Company making coatings to enable the manufacture of smart geotextiles that are rapidly being deployed in the Australian resources industry to enable leak detection in containment dams.

The NUVIZ/Imagine HUD will be fitted to construction helmets, and will deliver a fusion of real time sensing data, schematics and other valuable information to engineers.

The new technology intends to improve efficiency, productivity and safety, and targets the mining, oil and gas industry where Imagine has a clear path to market

The product is targeted to undergo field trials in Australia in the first half of 2018

NUVIZ - ImagineNUVIZ, the award-winning US technology company that released the first HUD for motorcyclists, has teamed up with Imagine Intelligent Materials, Australia’s leading graphene applications company, to develop a way to deliver actionable information to those working on infrastructure, such as dams, roads and mines.

NUVIZ has developed a new design of its award-winning Head-Up Display (HUD) for motorcycle riders that can be attached to “hard hats” used by maintenance engineers.

The hard hat helmet HUD will provide geolocation, camera, video and audio recording, as well as data related to design and build specifications.

A high-definition liquid crystal on silicon (LCOS) display presents rich, real-time data to maintenance engineers, enabling quicker, more effective responses to incidents by allowing them to know about issues inside a structure or piece of equipment.

NUVIZ CEO, Marcel Rogalla, commented: “Our partnership with Imagine Intelligent Materials is another string to the NUVIZ bow. It’s fantastic to see the varying applications of our Head-Up Display technology. The aim of technology is to benefit the user in as many ways as possible, and with the strategic relationship between ourselves and Imagine IM, we are opening up a massive new addressable market.

Chris Gilbey, CEO of Imagine IM, added: “Since inception our goal has been to develop very large scale sensors that can self-report. As the company has evolved so has our strategy. Earlier this year we developed the hardware interface to extract location based real-time data from geotextiles, particularly to enable leak location and stress reporting. As we build a deeper understanding of end user needs we have been building our capabilities accordingly. The need is to deliver not only sensing information delivered in real time, but to enrich that data with additional relevant information that will enhance an engineers’ ability to solve problems.”

Showing rather than telling workers about potential problems will empower them to do their jobs better. As well as acting as a force multiplier for workers in the field, augmented and virtual reality can provide huge benefits in training, where it is showing massive promise in fields as disparate as aerospace[1], medicine[2] and mining[3]. It’s easy to see how it could transform myriad organisations in the future.”

The solution will use NUVIZ’s technology, which provides mapping and other data rendered as a “virtual image” appearing to be 13 feet away from the wearer. It will integrate with Imagine IM’s grid analyser device, which collects information from graphene-coated smart textiles embedded in infrastructure, and can interpret changes in parameters such as strain, moisture and temperature. The analyser will provide all-the-time monitoring of assets, and is currently being developed through projects including a “smart roads” project with Australian  transport infrastructure company, Transurban.

NUVIZ’s flagship technology became commercially available in July, and has already won recognition including a Popular Science magazine Best of What’s New and CES Best of Innovation Award. The innovative device fits simply and easily to a full-face helmet and displays customisable information in the natural line of sight of the rider – allowing riders to keep their eyes ahead. The MoU will help bring its existing IP into a market outside of the automotive sector.


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