Vision Picking and Sorting With Ring Barcode Scanner

13 mayo, 2016

GneralScan - Ring barcode scanner

Warehouse logistics is a fast turning world, and a lot has changed in the past few decades. The order pickers’ simple paper pick list has been successfully replaced by electronic systems. The handheld with its display in scanner this device identifies the storage location by means of a barcode but the pickers’s hands are not free.

Generalscan‘s partner in Italy, ALG Logistica Integrata use Generalscan ring barcode scanner  work with Google Glass for order picking system.
Precise visual information on the smart glasses display provides individual and situational order details whichever model you use !

GneralScan - Ring barcode scanner

Vision Picking is changing the warehouse and logistics fields. Frees the operator’s hands, increasing performance in the collection, it can realize 25% productivity compared with picking based on old radio-frequency terminals. This picking solutions has been adopted by Amazon, DHL and a lot of other companies.

Real Time Resolutions Inc ,Generalscan partner in Netherland use smartglass work with Generalscan ring barcode scanner for picking and sorting application at FLOS.

GneralScan - Ring barcode scanner

Generalscan Ring barcode scanners are good choices for vision picking, with scanners on finger, your hands are freed out, a 100% wireless solution. TNT Innight implement augmented reality in surgery TNT Innight in Mechelen.

This is the Belgian branch the first logistics company that augmented reality technology deployment in its daily operations.

Through the use of Generalscan ring barcode scanner and smartglass , TNT managed to speed up the sorting process , Partly because of this , the productivity in comparison with the old method will improve 30% .

GneralScan - Ring barcode scanner

Through the award-winning Generalscan Partner Program, we position you for mobile barcode business growth by helping you compete more effectively, go to market more efficiently and expand your business.
We reward you for your expertise, your success and your investment in the relationship through market differentiation and a comprehensive set of tiered, ROI-focused benefits, tools and resources.

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